West Coast Challenge

The West Coast Challenge brings together the top players from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego, to compete in a series of 8-ball tournaments. These tournaments include a Team, Open Individuals, Women's Individuals, and a Hi/Lo Team event. 

Each city takes a turn in hosting the West Coast Challenge and the event is held twice a year at the conclusion of each cities regular season.

    • Current News - Next 2 Weeks of League Play Cancelled


Dear SDPL members,

The Board of Governors voted and decided that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the SD Pool League will be canceling the next two league nights of play; possibly three nights depending on how the situation emerges with respect of the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

No Play the Week of March 16 and March 23 for sure: We will re-assess for the week of March 30 and let you know when we are able to make a decision.

Covid-19: We are making this decision following public health guidance from the State and local officials as well as out of an abundance of caution for the health of our members and supporters in light of the spread of Covid-19. We care about our members and we advise our members to take actions which protect themselves against the spread of this virus. These are some of things being recommended:

* Limit your exposure to crowds and public places where one could come in contact with those who may have the virus.

* Practice good hygiene and wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water.

* Do not touch your face (mouth, nose, eyes and possibly ears) with unwashed hands. Carry hand sanitizers and sanitize your hands when you touch surfaces which may not be sanitized or clean.

* Stay away from people that are sick. Stay away from people that are coughing. If you cough, cough into your sleeve or elbow. Tell people around you that are coughing to use tissue or cough into their sleeve.

* Get rest, eat well and hydrate yourself as you would do all the time for good health.

* If you feel you are sick, become sick and have fever or cough, contact your physician or go to your urgent care or emergency room.

* Most of all, try to stay calm and support one another through this period of time.

Please pass this information on to people who you know that are not in the league.

See you all soon.

    • Captains Log - 

1. During regular league play, each player is allowed one coaching time out per game for a maximum of 2 minutes per time out.
2. During team play-offs, coaching is limited to 1 minute per game; the presiding referee will give a 30 second and 15 second warning only.
3. During individual’s or women’s play-offs, no coaching is permitted.
4. For any violations see BCA Rule 1.22 Penalties for Fouls.

1. Once groups are established, play continues with each player having their group as legal object balls. Balls in your opponents' group and the 8-ball are illegal object balls. When it is your inning, you continue to shoot as long as you legally pocket a ball on each shot. If you do not legally pocket a ball, your inning ends.
2. Jumped balls and illegally pocketed balls are not returned to the table, but do count in favor of the player with that group..

    • West Coast Challenge LXXIX -  Here are the results!

The 79th West Coast Challenge was held in San Diego at the Four Points Sheraton on June 28-30 ... and what a tournament it was ... !!!





2019 San Diego WCC Hall-of-Fame Inductees -

Gina Zide
"I've played pool since I was a kid. My dad who made pool cues taught me well. I started playing in the league in the late 90's and started out at Bourbon Street. I also played at Flicks, Eagle, Redwing, Alibi, Shooterz, Moby Dicks, and PECs." Gina has played at many WCC's. She has played in Women's and on Team events. She has taken 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes in Women's. 

Michael Loyer
After moving to San Diego from Alaska in 1988, Michael Loyer joined the San Diego Pool League in 1991 playing out of Club San Francisco. Michael's first appearance at the WCC was in early 90's and though he didn't trophy, the experience galvanized his love for the game. His first trophy was a 2nd place finish in Open Individuals in January 2000. At the 50th WCC, in January 2005, Michael made his first appearance of 6, as a Hi player for the Hi/Lo team and took home a 1st place trophy. Over the years Michael has also attended the WCC many times, as a referee, and as Member-at-Large, Community Relations, and Vice-President for the SDPL.

Jorge Calvo
Jorge joined the San Diego Pool League in Fall of 1999. He has served on the Board of Directors for over 13 years starting in 2006. Positions held was Statistician, Vice President and President. Jorge has been a referee and has played at the WCC many times as an Open Inividual and Hi-Lo. Jorge has placed 8th in Open Individuals and 1st in Hi-Lo. Jorge has also been an active WCC committee member making changes and improvements for the betterment of the league.

Gordon Byom
Gordon first started shooting pool at the age of 7 on an antique 9 foot table in "Uncle Elwoods's" basement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That was in 1965 and he's been an addict ever since. He played on the Eagle C or D division team for one season in 1994, rejoined the league in B division in 2008 and has been with the San Diego Pool League ever since. On his first season in 2008 he was the top rated shooter in B division and qualified for the #8 seed for in Los Angeles. Shortly before his first match he learned that his opponent was the #1 seed from Los Angeles. At first he was devastated but had a Zen moment and decided to relax and have fun with the guy. He beat him 3-1. Gordon has attended West Coast Challenge very nearly every season since then either in Individuals, Tops & Bottoms (Hi/Lo) or as a referee and has taken several WCC trophies. He served as Statistician for the SDPL for 7.5 years and is currently taking over as Vice President to fill a board vacancy. 


1st: Meta Neuschuler (SD)
2nd: Joanne Mattingly (SD)
3rd: Rene Hagman (LB)
4th: Joina Liao (SF)
1st:  Toefilo Moe Jr. (LB)
2nd: Jeremy Staton (SD)
3rd: Tommy Punzalan (LB)
4th: James Peterson (LA)
5th: Ran Refael (SF)
6th: Julian Salazar (LB)
7th: Joe Corder (SD)
8th: Jesse Palomares (LB)
TEAM - "Muldoon's Misfits", Long Beach
Stephanie Sparks
Ropert Trucios
Lauren Ward
Mele De Victoria
Arnold Castellanos
John Englis
Arnell Ferry & Zeshaun Mirz (LA)




    • West Coast Challenge LXXVIII -  San Francisco -


West Coast Challenge LXXVIII will be held in San Francisco on January 4-6, 2018 at the Whitcomb Hotel at 1231 Market Street.  


Skinner Arteaga, from San Francisco, inducted into the WCC Hall-of-Fame

Here are the WCC Results ... !!!

TEAM - "#Keepstrokin", Long Beach
Nicholas Downey, Captain
Tom Downey, Jr.
Christina Garcia
Teofilo Moe, Jr.
Tommy Punzalan
Brook Thomason
1st:  Erik Chacom (LB)
2nd: Ernie Elliott (SD)
3rd: Skinner Arteaga (SF)
4th: Allen Badillo (SD)
5th: James Neale (SF)
6th: Henry Guadado (LB)
7th: Lauren Ward (LB)
8th: Christi Ross (SD)
Joina Liao (SF)
Crystal Kelem (SF)
Melissa Shultz (LB)
Flavia Ribas (SD)
Tom Seymour & Nick Lansdown (SF)

    • West Coast Challenge 77 hosted in Los Angeles July 6-8 2018 - Results!!!


TEAM - "Keep Stroking", Long Beach
Tom Downey Jr., Captain
Brook Thomason
Nicholas Downey
Teofilo Moe Jr.
Tommy Punzalan
Lyle Van Scyoc

1st: Rhino Lay (LA)
2nd: Allan Badillo (SD
3rd: Jesse Lafear (SF
4th: Arnold Castellanos (LA
5th: Danny Mullen (SF)
6th: Tommy Nguyen (LA)
7th: Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga (SF)
8th: Mike Romano (SF)

1st: Lauren Ward (LA)
2nd: Margi Damoth (LA)
3rd: Melissa Schulz (LA)
4th: Melissa Goldstein (SD)
1st: Ran Rafael & Ray Brewer (LB)
2nd: Jorge Calvo & Christi Ross (SD)
3rd: Leif Smith & Chris Logan (SF)
4th: Cliff GIles, Jr. & Ray Brewer(LA)



WCC Hall-of-Fame

"This special recognition was established in the WCC's twenty-fifth year. It is our way of recognizing the 'glue' that holds it all together. Anyone looking at us from the outside would conclude these people must be playing for a lot of money or worldwide fame. Why else would this event last so long? It consumes a great deal of each cities time and resources. The answer is here on this page. Friendship, sportsmanship, and the love of the game have kept it together. Each city has contributed its own leadership and "super" players who have returned again and again. We see each other twice a year and re-new our friendships. Additionally, we see new faces and potential new additions to these pages. One can only hope that this event continues so that we can create a program which reads...'West Coast Challenge C!' (our 100th season!)"

- Bill Hoover
Tournment Director, WCC L
San Francisco
January 7-9, 2005