West Coast Challenge

The West Coast Challenge brings together the top players from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego, to compete in a series of 8-ball tournaments. These tournaments include a Team, Open Individuals, Women's Individuals, and a Hi/Lo Team event. 

Each city takes a turn in hosting the West Coast Challenge and the event is held twice a year at the conclusion of each cities regular season.

    • West Coast Challenge LXXV -  San Diego!

The 75th West Coast Challenge was held at the Mission Valley Marriott Hotel in San Diego on July 7-9.  Here are the results ... !






San Diego Hall-of-Fame Inductee - Jay Wunderl
Jay Began his West Coast Challenge debut in 1991. After taking first place in the San Diego Pool League (SDPL) finals, he proceeded to take 2nd place at his first ever appearance as a individual during WCC 23, 1991 in San Diego. 

In the following years, Jay participated in the WCC thirteen more times placing 2nd again, 3rd and 5th (twice). He also participated in winning two first place team trophies (WCC 34 & 38) during this period. After an eight year break from pool to focus on his blossoming career, Jay rejoined the SDPL in 2010.

He then qualified for the WCC as an individual in the spring of 2012, and subsequently through WCC 73, Jay consistently participated six additional times (2 individual, 3 team, 1 Hi/Low), winning a WCC team trophy during WCC 63. Through the spring of 2017, Jay has dependently represented San Diego 20 times and with his masterful and meticulous style, brought home 8 trophies. 


WCC Results ... !!!

TEAM - "One Time", San Diego
Clint Palaci, Captain
Luis Abarca, Co-Captain
Joe Myers
Ben Pham
Nayan Tamrakar
Stephen Hough
1st:  Jesse LaFear (SF)
2nd: Allan Badillo (SD)
3rd: Jeramy Staton (SD)
4th: Ernie Elliott (SD)
5th: Thayer McDougle (SF)
6th: Anthony Juarez (SD)
7th: Nick Downey (LB)
8th: Skinner Arteaga (SF)
Malisa Mapu (LA)
Crystal  Kelem (SF)
Stephanie Sparks (LB)
Lauren Ward (LB)
Tom Seymour & Eddie Vives (SF)



WCC Hall-of-Fame

"This special recognition was established in the WCC's twenty-fifth year. It is our way of recognizing the 'glue' that holds it all together. Anyone looking at us from the outside would conclude these people must be playing for a lot of money or worldwide fame. Why else would this event last so long? It consumes a great deal of each cities time and resources. The answer is here on this page. Friendship, sportsmanship, and the love of the game have kept it together. Each city has contributed its own leadership and "super" players who have returned again and again. We see each other twice a year and re-new our friendships. Additionally, we see new faces and potential new additions to these pages. One can only hope that this event continues so that we can create a program which reads...'West Coast Challenge C!' (our 100th season!)"

- Bill Hoover
Tournment Director, WCC L
San Francisco
January 7-9, 2005