The rules and bylaws of the San Diego Pool League are available to you at the link below. The Bylaws of the League relate to the officers of the league and the standard operation. The Match Policy and Procedures and the Amended BCA Rules of Play are the rules that the SDPL enforces during regular season play.

Should you have any questions regarding the rules or bylaws, please contact a board member or plan on attending a regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

San Diego Pool League Score Sheet Instructions


1) Home team Captain must bring blank score sheets to every match. Fill in date, division and team name.
2) Clearly write the starting line up in the top box of all 4 positions. Be sure to include initial of last name if you have players with the same first name.
3) It would be a good idea to list any late players to the #4 position. That will give them the maximum time to arrive before forfeits occur.
4) Substitutes, (Max of 3 per match) can get added to the bottom box in each player position prior to the start of that game. It is not necessary to list them at the start of the match.
5) Hand the Score Sheet to the Visiting Team Captain.
6) Visiting Team Captain will fill in their Team name and list their starting line-up for positions A-D. List any possible late player in the “A” position. That will give your player the maximum time to arrive before forfeits occur.
7) Return the Score Sheet to the Home Team Captain.
8) Games will take place in order 1 -16 unless otherwise agreed to by both Team Captains.
9) Numbers/Letters highlighted in black indicate who is to rack and break. 10) Visiting Team Captains are encouraged to either make note of break/rack order for their team or to check Score Sheet to make sure the Home Team Captain is following it correctly.
11) If the number “1” player beats the letter “A” player a “W” or a “1” is marked in the first box following the winning players name and a “L” or an “0” following the letter “A” player’s name. On the far right of the Score Sheet the Win and Loss for each team is noted the same way.
12) Continue this format for the remaining games.
13) If any games do not take place because of forfeits, an “F” should be written in place of an “L” or “0” for the player position who forfeited. The player winning the game as a result of a forfeit will still get marked with a “W” or a “1”.
14) Once all 16 games are complete the Total Wins and Losses will be tabulated and listed under “Final Team Score” for both the Home Team and the Visiting Team. Please make sure both scores match.
15) The Final Score is also listed on the far right side of the Score Sheet under “TOTAL SCORE”.
16) List any Table Runs or 4 and 0’s in the appropriate boxes on the far right of each player position. Enter “number of Table Run(s) for each player and place an “X” in the box if a player went 4 -0.
17) Visiting Team and Home Team Captains must list any new players (with phone number and e-mail), dropped players and captain/co-captain changes in the space provided.
18) Both Team Captains sign the Score Sheet and indicate the Team Fees paid ($32.00 is required each week).
19) Any other money including Team Registration Fees, Sponsor Fees or any outstanding Team Fees can be listed on the far bottom right of the Score Sheet under “other/notes”.
20) The Home Team Captain will give gold copy of the Score Sheet to the Visiting Team Captain.
21) The Home Team Captain (or designated representative) will then take the completed Score Sheet and the money to the drop off point.
22) The Bar Tender at the drop off point will then verify the amount turned in and sign the bottom of the Score Sheet. Make sure the total of money they sign for equals the amount you collected and wrote down.
23) The Bar Tender will then give you the pink copy of the score sheet for your records. Make sure you hold on to copy as this is your receipt that you turned in league fees.
24) Take a deep breath and drive home safely.

Rule Clarifications

Rule Clarifications
For any rules of play questions, please call or text Jorge Calvo at (760) 717-9900.

Scoresheet Instructions
Click here for instructions on completing the league scoresheets.