San Diego Distinguished Honor Roll  

As time moves forward, we sometimes notice a player or sponsor has achieved accolades deserving of notice and recognition. The following awards were created to acknowledge special achievements worthy of particular mention. We congratulate each player or sponsor whose dedication to the game or support of the league has, over many seasons, provided inspiration for all to aspire to. To all persons or sponsors receiving such recognition we humbly say “Thank You”.


  Distinguished Service Awards    WCC Hall of Fame Awards 

Michael Passante – Inducted 1991
Doyle Fisher – Inducted 1991
Steve Holt – Inducted 1992
Terri Estep – Inducted 2015


SD Hall of Fame Awards

David Heinen – Inducted 1991
Jim Hennessy – Inducted 1991

Doyle Fisher - Inducted 2005
Brad Hasper - Inducted 2005 
David Heinen - Inducted 2005
Steve Holt - Inducted 2005
Meta Neuschuler - Inducted 2005
Michael Passante - Inducted 2005
Kim Walker - Inducted 2005
Nigel Mayer - Inducted 2007
Teri Estep - Inducted 2007
Pat Lowery - Inducted 2009
Bill Dorman - Inducted 2011
Jim Hennessey - Inducted 2013
Joe Corder - Inducted 2013
Joe Myers - Inducted 2013
Jeff Brayshaw - Inducted 2015
Ernie Elliott - Inducted 2015


 Special Service Awards Presidential Awards 
           David Hackney 
Mike Passante 
Steve Holt 
Dick Ducharme 
Wayne Page 
Les Duchemin 
Bob Lynch
Sir Nicholas 

Jim Elsner
Doyle Fisher
Mesa Distributing
Bill McClelland
Vaughn Devine
Laura Bailey
Ernie Elliott

Pat Keeney
Rick Nolin
Harry Bieber
Tom King
Marge Heinen
Norma Posy 
Nigel Mayer
Ron Rinker
David Laguana

 Laura Bailey 
Quality Billiards
Kasey Carrado
Elaine Wong 
Eva Vadasy
Jorge Calvo
Laura Szymanski
Taylor Tay 
Gordon Byom