In Memoriam

In honor of our fallen players.



Since 1978, the San Diego Pool League has established itself as a fun, competitive sporting organization dedicated to fostering sportsmanship and goodwill. SDPL has also been a place where friendships have been formed, thrived and sometimes replaced our natural family; a place some would call home.

And through the years, we have lost a few members of our family. We ask that we all take a moment to remember their friendships; recognize their contributions to our league; and most of all, HONOR them.


You will all be missed !!!


Fred Harris

Phil Casas

Fred Godwin

Zola “Babe” Hills

Clint Johnson

Tony Belefaito

Rick Harper

Larry Gillis

Matt Janson

John Clemens

Pete Montes

Rod Bain

Andreas Molina

Dick Ducharme

Reggie Castro

Hal Wickham

John Operlee

Chris Holle

Wes Strong

Tom Homan

Jim Slyman

Tim Cameron

Jerry Hetzer

Brad Wilhite

Steve Sokolski

Brian Etie

Gene Parrish

Chris Andrews

Bill Ford

Wayne Page

Kenny Anderson

Tim Beauman

Les Duchemin

Don Morris

David Heinen

Jamie Case

Billy Ray

Mike Shelton

John Powers

Rick Brown

Marge Heinen

Dan Jackson

Armando Falcon

Jim Elsner

Jerry Turner

Ted Buetner

Vaughn Devine

Jay Rasmussen

Fred Attcheson

“Crazy” Mike Wilkerson

Willie Alaya

Rich Augustine

Hal Kraus

Rusty Jones

Mick Juarez

Tom Norris

Gino Sculley

Sandi Booth

Frank Booth

John Vavra

Robert Craddack

Robert Thompson

Allen Isbell

Don Gibson

Mark Smith

Tony Spellman

John Toves

Jon Alston

Dwayne Heinen

Harry Beiber

Dwayne Stone

Debbie Chance

Roger Hampton

Brandon Turknett

Bill Schwager

Fred Victoria

Margie Cox

Steve Holt

Jack Estlund

Joe Bonilla

Mike Johnson

Ted Buetner jr

Joe Klein

Ron Rinker