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Welcome to the San Diego Pool League Information Center. This is where we will post current league happenings. As we progress in the season older posts will still be made available.


    • Bylaw 1.7 REGISTERED PLAYER - 

New players may be registered and play on the same night they are registered during the first 4 weeks of a team’s scheduled play. From week 5 through 4 weeks before the end of the season, a player must be registered at least 1 week in advance of playing. As proof of registration, their names should appear on the latest standing sheet on the night that they are to play.

A registered player may only switch teams during the first 4 weeks of a team’s scheduled play. All games won or lost prior to the switch will be forfeited by the player and not count for all qualifying tournaments. Any games won or lost by the switching player will not affect the teams overall scores. A player may only switch teams once per season.

A player may switch within his or her division or move to a higher division. Moving to a lower division will not be permitted.


    • Rules 1 Meeting - 

Sunday January 29th is our 1st Rules Meeting at JT’s at 12 pm. Any player may attend and present changes for Bylaws, Rule of Play or MP&P.


    • Bylaw 4.3 NOMINATIONS - 

During the first four weeks of a team’s scheduled play, members interested in running for a Board position shall indicate so on their Monday night score sheet. All members have the option to present information to the statistician in regards to their qualifications and/or reasons for seeking a Board position. The information will then be passed on to membership via Table Talk with a maximum of seventy-five words. All nominations of league members will be confirmed by the Board prior to the ballot phase.


    • Bylaw 2.4 TEAM CAPTAINS - 

Bylaw 2.4 TEAM CAPTAINS - Are designated by their team members to represent them in the determination of policy that governs the operation/rules of the SDPL, with responsibility for the following:

• Must have a phone, email or contact number.
• Ensure that team members are aware of and adhere to all SDPL Bylaws, Match Policy and Rules.
• Attend all designated Captain’s Meetings or send a representative. Act as host when playing at their team’s sponsor bar by performing duties as assigned by the Board.
• Designate a co-captain to act in their absence.
• When host, must ensure that the score sheet, weekly playing fees and any materials required by the Board are turned in at a drop point immediately following the match.

A team captain can be removed from their position with or without cause, by vote of the team members or by the Board. The team’s sponsor must be notified of the removal.


    • West Coast Challenge LXXIV -  San Francisco -


West Coast Challenge LXXIV was held in San Francisco on January 6-8, 2017 at the Whitcomb Hotel at 1231 Market Street.  

Here are the results  

Open Individuals
1st Place - Jesse La Fear (SF)
2nd Place - Jeramy Staton (SD)
3rd Place - Khanh Ngo (SF)
4th Place - Nick Downey (LB)
5th Place - Skinner Arteaga (SF)
6th Place - Stevan Bailey (SD)
7th Place - Teofilo Moe, Jr. (LB)
8th Place - Richard Walker (LB)

1st Place - JoJo Cheung (SF)
2nd Place - Crystal Kelem (SF)
3rd Place - Saeromi Kim (LA)

4th Place - Lauren Ward (LB)

Hi-Lo Team
Tom Seymour & Jerz Zuluaga (SF)

Championship Team
Brook's Secret Service (LB)
Brook Thomason, captain
Dan Campbell
Tom Downey, Jr.
Tommy Punzalan
Omar Vachhani
Mark Whitehead



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