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Welcome to the San Diego Pool League Information Center. This is where we will post current league happenings. As we progress in the season older posts will still be made available.


    • Revised Bylaw - 

One of the highlights to the Captains Meeting was the passing of how we determine a new season team line-up. Now it will start with - 2 up and 2 down.

Bylaw 2.8 DIVISIONS - Based on the information provided on new season’s registration forms and prior season’s standings, divisions will be structured at a formal Board meeting no later than two weeks prior to the Awards Banquet. New season team line-up will be determined accordingly. Statistician shall prepare and submit to the Board, end of season stats and a new base line-up of Divisions and Teams based on:
1. All 1st and 2nd place teams with the exception of ‘A’ move up one division.
2. All last and 2nd to last place teams with the exception of the lowest division move down one division.
3. If there are no other team additions, drops, division change requests or Board concerns, the new team line-up may be voted on.
4. If changes are noted:
    a. Finalize number of new and existing teams.
    b. Re-draw line-up with new team additions, division change requests and any Board concerns.
    c. Finalize number of divisions with number of teams for each division, (limiting number of byes and recognize fiscal affect).
    d. Review final new season line-up for Board vote.


    • S2017 Awards Banquet - 

This season’s Awards Banquet is being held on Monday June 26, 2017 at The Butcher Shop Steakhouse. Located at 5255 Kearny Mesa Road, SD, 92123. Cocktail hour is between 6 and 7 pm with dinner and awards following.

This year’s banquet will be a full service 1-of-3 menu choice offering. Choices are Tri-Tip Steak, Chicken Marsala or Pasta Primavera. All entrees include Cesar Salad and New York Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce. There will of course be more information coming later, including the RSVP were you will be presented each entrees’ complete meal and choose your menu with your RSVP.

Dang! Makes me wish the banquet was this Monday and not such a mouth-drooling wait.


    • Reminder to all players - 

Reminder to all players - each of our Sponsors have their own set of rules of acceptable standards of conduct. It is up to each of you to know and follow them. Our Bylaws support each sponsor’s application of intolerance.


    • Captains Meeting Recap - 

Rules Changes, Awards Banquet and the 75th WCC SD were all part of the Captains Meeting last Monday. This was also our first time in the newly opened and remodeled Pockets, Billiards & Brews. Did you know there is now an entrance door on the Kearny Mesa Road front? Our most appreciated ‘Thank You!’ goes out to Lila and Lance, the new owners.

Oh and don’t let me forget the battle of the Captains over who would take the top honors for the Clemens Captains Classic. The battle was epic, decisive and shared in camaraderie. Congratulation to our winners:

1st Place—Anthony Juarez, CRI-1
2nd Place—Gina Zide, EGL-2
3rd Place—Clint Palaci, MVR-2

In other news, the 75th WCC SD was discussed and the Board is moving ahead to showcase the tournament at Marriott Mission Valley Hotel. The event will be from July 6 to July 9, 2017. Thank you to all Captains for your dedication and hard work!


    • Welcome Our New Sponsor - 

Ann has been on top of the change-over for the old Locker Room and her diligence has paid off. Welcome to Lila and Lance, new owners of the Pocket Billiards & Brew at 5610 Kearny Mesa Blvd. Suite E, San Diego 92111. If the address sounds familiar, that’s the address of the old Locker Room.

We will start with our new sponsor with the Captains Meeting on Monday March 6, 2017. Ann is finalizing our SD tournaments for this season and all will be played there. We will announce all dates at Captains Meeting. For teams interested in moving to PB&B


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