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Welcome to the San Diego Pool League Information Center. This is where we will post current league happenings. As we progress in the season older posts will still be made available.


    • Captains March 6th Meeting Moved - 

The Captains Meeting scheduled for Monday March 6, 2017 is being moved to Pocket Billiard & Brew. Registration and sign-up for Clemens Captains Classic will open at 5:45 pm with meeting starting at 6 pm. We encourage Captains to come in early and experience the newly opened Pocket Billiards & Brew. Location is 5610 Kearny Mesa Blvd, Suite E, SD (Old Locker Room).

For the Clemens Captains Classic, a Captains/ Co-captains roster updated as of Week 6 is being issued before Week 7 play. If as a Captain or Cocaptain you do not see this, check with other team players to see if they are. Note changes on your scoresheet. A final Captains Roster will be issued before the Captains March 6th meeting with a draft of Rules changes attached.


    • Ballot Election Cancelled - 

Mike Passante for Vice President and Justin Sturtz for Secretary withdrew their names for the S2017 Board elections.

As such, the Board approved nominations of Jorge Calvo for Vice President and Gordon Byom for Statistician for F2017. They will be confirmed at the upcoming Captains Meeting on March 6, 2017.

Thank you to all who participated.


    • Ballots - 

Ballots will be distributed on Monday February 27, 2017 and tallied on March 6. 2017 at the Captains Meeting.

Bylaw 4.7 BALLOTS - If more than one per- son is nominated for the same Board position, individual ballots will be distributed to each team member prior to the mid-season captains meeting. All team members present who have played at least 1 game prior to ballot issuance can cast a vote for one person in each office. Completed ballots will be put in the provided envelope and sealed. Members having voted will print and sign the front of the envelope. Ballot envelopes will be opened and tabulated at the Mid-season Captains meeting supervised by a non- board member representative from each division chosen at random at the meeting. Can- didates with a majority of votes are elected.


    • Captains Meeting - 

The Captains Meeting is being held on March 6, 2017 at The Break Room. 4365 Convoy St., SD 92111; (858) 279-1333. Meeting starts at 6 pm


    • VP Nominee's Information - 

Each Nominee may present a maximum or 75 words to Table Talk for publishing.

Michael Passante
Not many of you know me well as most of my involvement on the board came between 1984- 1995. During that time I served as president 11 seasons and developed much of what our league is today. Currently I find myself with far to much free time and hope my involvement on the board fills a void and most importantly provide you with a board member whose only concern is making our league the best it can be.

Jorge Calvo
I've been an active player since fall 1999. I started holding office in Fall 2006 as Statistician for 6 seasons, President for 5 seasons and cur- rently Vice President for 9 seasons. I have 20 seasons as a board member and WCC committee representative. It has always been my goal to be involved with the SDPL in growth, integrity, fair play, comraderie among players and have fun doing it. Vote for me, Jorge Calvo for VP


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