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Welcome to the San Diego Pool League Information Center. This is where we will post current league happenings. As we progress in the season older posts will still be made available.


    • 80th Season Return - 

Board Elections and Open Seat
This season we have Vice President, Secretary and Statistician up for election. We also have at the moment Community Relations position open for whomever is interested please contact one of the board members. If you or anyone on the league wishes to be a part of what makes this league run, please use your score sheet and in the comments area write the position and nominee’s name within the first 4 weeks of matches.

Team Changes
JT’s team has relocated to Alibi so from now on JTS-1 will be ALI-1. Also Captains and Co-Captains please check your rosters and drop any extra players who are not on your team any longer.

During the first four weeks of a team’s scheduled play, members interested in running for a Board position shall indicate so on their Monday night score sheet. All members have the option to present information to the statistician in regards to their qualifications and/or reasons for seeking a Board position. The information will then be passed on to membership via Table Talk with a maximum of seventy-five words. All nominations of league members will be confirmed by the Board prior to the ballot phase.

    • Dan Jackson - 

It's with a sad heart that I have to inform the league that we have lost one of our own. Dan Jackson (Pecs team) passed away Saturday.
Dan was a man with a huge smile and bigger heart. RIP my friend, I'll miss playing pool and laughing with you.

Mike Loyer


  • Captains Log - 

Bylaw 7.3.1 TIES – At the end of the season, team and individual ties or seedings will be decided by first reviewing the first half of the season and giving the tie to the team or person who won when playing each other in the first half. If the team split the score 8‐8, the scores from the second half of the season will be reviewed for which team has more wins. In the event that the score is still split the Board will decide a tiebreaker (i.e. – play of a game or coin toss). If the individuals did not play each other in the first half, the tie will go to whoever won in the second half. If both individuals did not play each other at all during the entire season the Board will decide a tiebreaker (i.e. play of game, coin toss or number of wins in the first or second half of the season).

Captains please make sure both Captains are aware that the 2 minutes Coaching Time Out rule applies during regular season play. The Watcher of the table should announce the ’30 seconds’ and ‘15 seconds’ marks to assist in coaching ending on time.

Bylaw 2.5 TEAM FINES -
Failure to turn in score sheets as required by these Bylaws will result in a $5.00 team fine per occurrence. Failure to have team representation at a scheduled Captains meeting will result in a $10.00 fine.

Bylaw 9.2.1 TRs / 4&0s -
Table Runs or TRs are defined as a player legally pocketing all possible object balls in their first inning. 4&0s are defined as a player winning 4 games in a team match. Forfeits do not count toward 4&0 certificates. Those individuals in each division having the most table runs and 4&0’s, including ties, will receive a certificate.

Unless otherwise stated in a specific General Rule or specific game rules, if you commit a foul or otherwise violate the rules your inning ends and your opponent is awarded ball in hand.

Bylaw Playoffs 7.3 FORMAT - The top four teams in each division will qualify for team playoffs. The lowest division will play the next lowest division on the first regular night of play after the end of the season. The winning team of the first playoff will then play the next higher division, so on and so on, until there are only four teams remaining. The #4 team from the lowest division will play the #1 team from the next higher division, #3 will play #2, #2 will play #3, and #1 will play #4. The higher division team (and the highest ranked in the case of two teams from the same division) will be the home team in a race to 9 matches.

    • West Coast Challenge LXXVI -  Long Beach!

The 76th West Coast Challenge was held at the Golden Sails Hotel in Long Beach on Jan 5-7.  Here are the results ... !



WCC Results ... !!!

TEAM - "Brook's Team", Long Beach
Brook Thomason, Captain
Tommy Punzalan
Tom H. Downey Jr.
Teofilo Moe Jr.
Nicolas Downey
Rob Molina
1st:  Malisa Mapu (LA)
2nd: Jerry Byrne (LB)
3rd: Jeramy Staton (SD)
4th: Siva Bodapati (LA)
5th: Gabriel Rodriguez (LA)
6th: Robert Trucios (LB)
7th: Pauley Pace (SD)
8th: Skinner Castagnola-Arteaga (SF)
1st: Lauren Ward (LB)
2nd: Gina Zide (SD)
3rd: Crystal Kelem (SF)
4th: Jane Murray-Roberts (LB)
Ran Rafael & Ray Brewer (LA)

This week marks the end of playoffs and the results are in

GIL-2 vs. EGL-2   9 : 5 GIL-2 wins.
GIL-1 vs. PEC-4   9 : 5 GIL-1 wins.

First Place: GIL-2  (Who Rack'd That!)
Second Place: EGL-2  (Gina's Men In Black)
Third Place: GIL-1  (Gilly's 1)

Big congratulations to the winners.

The first place team, GIL-2 (Who Rack'd That), will be representing us at the West Coast Challenge in Long Beach on January 5th - 7th. Best of luck from all of us in the San Diego Pool League. Happy Hunting!

Lee Thomas -- Captain
Phineus Markwick -- Co-captain
Brandy Pamintuan
Michael Salgado
Nayan Tamrakar
Billie Jo Smith
Gilbert Rosales

Go to the Statistics page to see the completed playoff bracket.

SDPL Statistician

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