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Welcome to the San Diego Pool League Information Center. This is where we will post current league happenings. As we progress in the season older posts will still be made available.


    • Bylaw 2.4 TEAM CAPTAINS - 

Bylaw 2.4 TEAM CAPTAINS - Are designated by their team members to represent them in the determination of policy that governs the operation/rules of the SDPL, with responsibility for the following:

• Must have a phone, email or contact number.
• Ensure that team members are aware of and adhere to all SDPL Bylaws, Match Policy and Rules.
• Attend all designated Captain’s Meetings or send a representative. Act as host when playing at their team’s sponsor bar by performing duties as assigned by the Board.
• Designate a co-captain to act in their absence.
• When host, must ensure that the score sheet, weekly playing fees and any materials required by the Board are turned in at a drop point immediately following the match.

A team captain can be removed from their position with or without cause, by vote of the team members or by the Board. The team’s sponsor must be notified of the removal.


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