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Welcome to the San Diego Pool League Information Center. This is where we will post current league happenings. As we progress in the season older posts will still be made available.


This is week three of the current season - from the ByLaws: 

Correction:   This article was updated on April 30th.  
There were changes to the the ByLaws made at the Captain’s Meeting, 12/17/24, last season that were to go into effect for the current season. There was no Secretary on the Board last season so the changes to the ByLaws although properly voted on were not properly distributed. I am working to compile all those changes and will then edit and publish the ByLaws for the current season. 

Meanwhile the rule concerning Player Registration has been changed and should read as follows: 


1.7 REGISTERED PLAYER - New players may be registered and play on the same night they are registered during the first 4 weeks of a team’s scheduled play. From week 5 through 4 weeks prior to the end of the season, a player must be registered at least 1 week in advance of playing. As proof of registration, their names should appear on the latest standing sheet on the night that they are to play. 

For a player to be added and play in the same night after the 5th week both captains must agree and the statistician be informed of the addition.

A registered player may only switch teams once during the first 4 weeks of a team’s scheduled play. All games won or lost prior to the switch will be forfeited by the player and not count for all qualifying tournaments. Any games won or lost by the switching player will not affect the teams overall scores.

A player may switch within his or her division or move to a higher division. Moving to a lower division will not be permitted. 

During the last 4 weeks of the season, no new player may be registered or play on any team.


Keith Ericson
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Secretary, San Diego Pool League (SDPL)

San Diego Pool League (SDPL) Spring 2024 - volunteers needed

This is fairly long but worthy of your attention. 

We are a volunteer organization. We look for your support to make it all happen. If you can help please contact any Board Member. 

Here are our ByLawsMATCH POLICY / PROCEDURE, and BCA Amended Rules of Play

Right now we are looking for a volunteer to help out as Statistician - note duties have been modified now that we are using the app -


  • Shall be responsible for all entries of league standings which shall include, but not be

limited to: team standings, team rosters and Top 20 list.

  • Shall make updates to Bylaws, Match Policy, Rules and Histories. Certifying and

retaining the original copies of these Bylaws as shall be amended.

  • Shall maintain “user friendly” instructions for the performance of the Statistician’s job

duties pertaining to the league standing sheets and shall do the typesetting for the


  • Shall also review the score sheets for disputes and forfeits ensuring that the original

score sheet (White Copy) is filed properly.

  • Will account for the money received with each score sheet, turn over said monies and

the yellow copy of the score sheet to the Treasurer and shall advise the Vice President

of any disputes that appear on the back of any score sheet. 

Right now the position of Community Relations, Member-at-Large, and Web Master are open and we are looking for volunteers. 

Elections - The Mid Season Captain’s meeting is scheduled for June 2. Elections for the following Officers will happen at that meeting: Vice President, Statistician, and Secretary 

You can see the duties of each officer here - - search 4.10 OFFICERS


4.3 NOMINATIONS - During the first four weeks of a team’s scheduled play, members

interested in running for a Board position shall indicate so on their Monday night score sheet. All

members have the option to present information to the statistician in regards to their

qualifications and/or reasons for seeking a Board position. The information will then be passed

on to membership via Table Talk with a maximum of seventy-five words. All nominations of

league members will be confirmed by the Board prior to the ballot phase.


4.6 ELECTIONS - All officers of the Board of Officers shall be elected by office. The election of

such offices shall be by the staggering of elections. To wit: the Spring Season shall have the

election of the Vice President, Statistician and Secretary. The Fall Season shall have the

election of the President, Treasurer and Public Relations. At the end of the nomination process,

the Secretary shall notify all nominees of their nomination to gain their consent. If any person

has been nominated for more than one office, the Secretary shall notify such person of all

nominations to gain their consent as well as to gain their desires for which they desire to be

elected to. No person shall be placed on the ballot for more than one office per election cycle.

Projects the Board will need volunteers to make them work: 

1.    Awards Banquet for Fall Season 2023 - the season that recently ended 

2.    8.1 CLEMENS CAPTAINS CLASSIC - Open to each team captain, or in their absence a co-captain, who is present for the Captains meeting. This tournament, which traditionally follows the Mid-season Captains meeting, is a single game, double elimination tournament with placement in the bracket done by random draw following the placement of any necessary byes. Trophies awarded to the top 3. 

3.    San Diego Gay Pride

4.    8.6 THE HEINEN CHARITY TOURNAMENT - Held once a year. Entry fee shall be determined by the Charity Committee hosting the event. The proceeds from this tournament are donated to a Board designated charity. 

5.    End of current season Tournaments: Women’s, Rising Star, Tops & Bottoms, and Open Individuals

6.    Awards Banquet for Spring Season 2024 – current season

7.    West Coast Challenge (WCC) in San Diego


8.    Nominees needed for - 9.6.1 SAN DIEGO HALL OF FAME AWARD - The SDPL Hall of Fame Awards are an acknowledgment for members of our league who have had success in Team playoffs, Open Individuals, Women's competition and all other qualified league tournaments as well as for loyal members for their many years of participation. A perpetual display case shall hold the name plates of both Gold plate and Silver plate recipients and will be displayed every 5 seasons beginning at our 75th season Awards banquet. Every 5 seasons the President shall appoint a SDHF committee who shall compile statistics and provide eligible names for each category. Any qualified player that may be overlooked shall be inducted at the next designated Awards Banquet. 

Gold Plate: For achievement in SDPL team playoff and SDPL qualifying tournaments. Members accumulating a total of 25 points shall be inducted into the SDPL Hall of Fame. Points awarded as follows: 2 points for every first place finish in any SDPL qualifying tournament except for team. 1 point for every 1st place team finish and every other trophy position in SDPL qualifying competitions. Inductees shall receive a gold name plate in the perpetual display case. 

Silver Plate - For loyal members of our League who have participated in 40 or more seasons. Recipients shall get a silver name plate in the perpetual display case.

9.    Nominees needed for - 9.6.2 WEST COAST CHALLENGE HALL OF FAME AWARD - Any member inducted to the WCC Hall of Fame must have received a total of 20 points to qualify: 

  • ●  1 Point will be awarded for any Team Championship. 
  • ●  2 points for every 1st Place finish in Individuals, Women’s competition or Hi/Lo. 
  • ●  1 point will be awarded for any 2 - 8 Individual's finish or 2 - 4 Women’s finish. 
  • ●  1 point for every WCC appearance as a Player, Referee or Board member. 
  • ●  2 additional points will be given to any Board member/Referee who acts a Tournament Director during a WCC. 

All qualifying members are voted upon with 2/3 vote of entire Board in order to be inducted with preference given to those individuals whose accomplishments surpass those of other qualified individuals. 

A bio write-up of WCC SD inductees will be provided by the Board for review and approval by the player before it is printed in the WCC SD program. 


Current Board:.

Ann Camonayan


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Russ Mortenson-Boyd

Vice President

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Kevin Hewitt


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Keith Ericson


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Temporary Statistician

Ann Camonayan

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Community Relations




Web Master



Keith Ericson

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Secretary, San Diego Pool League (SDPL)

The Fall 2023 rules are now available for download from this link.


    • New Season Starts - 

The Fall 2022 season starts tonight. There have been some recent schedule changes so please check the updated schedules below.

Also, please remember to enter your scores into the LeagueRepublic app or website at the end of the evening as well as sending photos of your score sheet to your treasurer and statistician, Kevin (619-993-2736) and Gordon (858-869-3903) respectively. You can make arrangements with Kevin for payment of dues.

Do NOT drop your score sheets off at the Eagle. They are not accepting them and we will no longer be collecting them there.

A division schedule:

B Division Schedule:


  • SDPL Broomstick Tournaments- 

Hi all pool goers,

There will be a charity tournament at the Alibi on Sunday, February 19th. Entry cost will be $10 and sign-in will be from noon to 1 pm. You may bring your own unmodified wood-handled broom, but there will be some there if you do not wish to bring your own. The first-place player will receive a trophy and all proceeds will go to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 and is focused on suicide prevention efforts among the LGBTQ+ community. You do not have to be an active league player to play in the tournamet. However, the rules will be BCA style.

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