November 25, 2015
Welcome to the
San Diego Pool League
Our 75th Season!

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Upcoming Events
•    Board Meeting
   Sat, Nov 21st @ Gordon's home,  6pm
•    Womens Open Tournament 
   Sun, Nov 22nd @ The Locker Room, 11am
•    Playoffs Wk3, 'A' vs. Wk1 Winners
   Mon, Nov 23rd,  6pm

Week #3 Playoff line-ups are now posted!
The Women's Open Individuals tournament is this Sunday!


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Featured news on current and upcoming events.

Match Play

Information to support our team captains.

Statistics -

Team, Top20 and Individual Match Play results.

League Calendar -

SDPL League Calendar for our match play and tournaments.

  • Rising Star - 

And the Rising Star winners are - (left to right) Christi Ross – 3rd Place, Patrick Fulton – 2nd Place, and Cody Mattingly – 1st Place. Cody will be San Diego’s 8th place seed in Open Individuals at WCC Long Beach, January 8-10, 2016. Congratulations to all!

  • Saturday 11/21 – Board Meeting starting at 6 pm at Gordon’s home.
  • Sunday 11/22 – Women’s Open Individuals. Open to players who play as women and played in at least 50% of match games. Registration opens at 11 am, play starts at 12 noon with a $10 entrance fee and no late arrivals allowed. Tournament is at the Locker Room (see below)
  • The Locker Room - The Board is pleased to announce The Locker Room will host all 4 WCC Tournaments starting Sunday, November 15th with Rising Star (registration at 11am, play at 12 noon. Address is 5610 Kearny Mess Road (next door to San Diego (closed) Harley Davidson) with entrance in the back. Take the 163 and exit Clairemont Mesa Blvd. 
  • Monday 11/23 – Round 3 playoffs. See updated schedule.

Our best wishes for a super Thanksgiving!


  • Upcoming Tournament Dates -

All WCC Tournaments will be held at The Locker Room (see below). Registration for each tournament opens at 11 am with play starting at 12 noon. There is a $10 entry fee with no late entries allowed.

  • Rising Star—Sunday November 15th
  • Women's Open Individuals—Sunday, November 22
  • Tops & Bottoms —Sunday December 6th
  • Open Individuals—Sunday December 13th.

Qualifying for Playoffs and Tournaments
To play in Playoffs, a player must have played at least 25% of match games for the season. ‘A’ Division = 12 games and ‘B’, ‘C’, & ‘D’ Divisions = 14 games.

For the WCC Tournaments a player must have played at least 50% of match games for the season. ‘A’ Division = 24 games and ‘B’, ‘C’, & ‘D’ Divisions = 28 games. Please check with your Captain or the Statistics to insure you can qualify for Playoffs or Tournaments.

  • WCC Long Beach January 8-10, 2016 -

This season’s West Coast Challenge is in Long Beach January 8-10, 2016 at The Best Western Golden Sails Hotel. WCC participants include 1st in Rising Star; 1st—4th from Women’s Open; 1st—7th from Open Individuals; 1st—in Tops & Bottoms, and 1st—for League Team. This season all participants (including referees) shall pay a co-pay of $40. Co-pay is payable on or before our January 4, 2016 Awards Banquet. Good Luck to all in the tournaments!


  • Captains Log -

This Season’s Greatest Tasks Ever for Captains … not including the Captains’ Rules discussions! With match play end upon us, it’s time for Captains to step up to the plate and complete 3 enormously difficult and complex tasks. On Monday’s Scoresheet please answer the following 3 questions:

- Is your team returning to play next season (start date is January 18, 2016)?
- How many players/guests will attend the January 4th Awards Banquet at Bali Hai?
- What are your team’s T-shirt sizes?
Here’s an example answer... LFT-1—Yes   Bqt—4   T-shirts—2M/2L/1XL

Please do not over think the answers as we can follow up on details at a later time. Next season return is a ‘YES or NO’; Bqt. # includes guests or partial-pay players; and T-shirt sizes include all players who have played 25% or more games. Simple!
The reward for getting it right the first time is missing out on the endless emails, texts or calls of follow- up from Board members...but we know how some Captains just crave the extra attention! Thank you!

SDPL 75th Season Awards Banquet

The 75th Season Fall 2015 Awards Banquet will be held on Monday January 4, 2016 at the Bali Hai Restaurant on Shelter Island. Address is 2230 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego 92106—(619) 222-1181. Registration opens at 5:45 pm with Cocktails 6 to 7 pm and a luscious buffet starting after 7 pm. The Hawaiian Room is a patio setting that adjusts from under a starlight night to enclosed and cozy in any weather. Cost for guests is $35 and $20 for players with 1-24% of match games played. Captains can RSVP on Monday’s scoresheet or contact Ann Camonayan. Make sure your Captain knows to include you in your team’s RSVP count.
This is our Diamond Jubilee Celebration so mark your calendar for a special night!



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Weekly Highlights
SDPL Playoffs
Week #3

PEC-2 vs. MVR-1= 4:9
     MVR-1 wins
SRO-1 vs. LFT-2= 5:9 
     LFT-2 wins
FLK-2 vs. TRU-2= 1:9 
     TRU-2 wins
ONE-1 vs. PEC-4= 4:9
     PEC-4 wins