The Playoff results are posted! ..... Rising Star tournament is this Sunday!


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Thank you to all the captains/co-captains that informed the board of their return. There was just 4 teams that we have to follow up with.


  • PLAYOFFS! - 

As stated in Rule 7.2, players wishing to participate in the team playoffs must have played at least 25% of the games possible for any one player on the team. This means A & D Division players must have played 14 games and B & C Division players must have played 15 games. Referees will be given a list of eligible players. Round 1 of Playoffs will be Monday, May 11th which features the top 4 teams in C Division hosting the top 4 teams in D Division.

Congratulations to all of the teams who made it to playoffs. Playoffs start this coming Monday, May 11th, when the top 4 teams in D division take on the top 4 teams in C division. The attached bracket is the play schedule.

Good luck to all of the teams who are playing this coming Monday. Happy hunting.




Our wonder statistician, Gordon Byom would appreciate if each team would take a minute or two to review the the Individual Ranking Report to make sure their name is spelled correctly. Also, he is requesting captains to make sure that their team name is spelled correctly. The Individual Ranking Report can be found on the league website, by clicking Statistics then Individuals. It can also be found on our Facebook page. Any corrections can be emailed to Gordon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


  • Qualification for WCC Tournaments - 

A reminder to all players that in order to qualify for the four WCC Tournaments you need to play at least 50% of match games this season. Make sure you check your individual statistics on your own and you meet this requirement. Rising Star, Women’s Open, Open Individuals and Top & Bottoms all have a $10 entry fee. Here is a recap of dates and times for each.

Sunday, May 17 : Rising Star Sunday
May 31 : Women’s Open Sunday
June 7 : Open’s Individuals Sunday
June 14 : Tops and Bottoms

All tournaments will be held at Jolt’n Joes in La Mesa, located at 8076 La Mesa Blvd.

Registration starts at 11am, Play begins at 12noon.

8.2 Individual’s Tournament : Open to all league individuals who have played at least 50% of all games possible to date. Depending on the number of participants, a 32 or 46 person bracket will be used. The tournament is best of 5, double elimi- nation and will decide the league’s 1st through 7th place WCC Open Individuals and alternatives with trophies to top 8. Par- ticipating individuals will be ranked based on their current seeding with the #1 Division A player matched against the lowest seed from the lowest division.

8.3 Women’s Tournament : All women who have played at least 50% of all possible games to date qualify for the Women’s Competition. The double elimination, best of 5 competition will decide the leagues top 4 players and shall take place on the same day. Women will be ranked as done in Open Individuals.

8.4 Tops & Bottoms : Open to all league members who play 50% of all games possible to date. This tournament is seeded, best of 3, double elimination, with players alternating shots. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams. This tournament offers unlimited coaching

8.5 Rising Star : it is a best of 5, double elimination tournament will decide the league’s 8th place WCC Open Individual with trophies awarded to the top 3. Qualifications : All players must have played 50% of all possible games to date. Division A : 25% or less wins, Division B : 50% or less wins. Open to all qualified lower division players.

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