February 13, 2016
Welcome to Week #5
of the 
San Diego Pool League
Our 76th Season!

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 Upcoming Events

•   Board Meeting 
   Sun, Feb 14th @ Gordon's 12noon 
•   Rules Committee Mtg 2
   Sun, Feb 28th @ TBA, 12noon  
•   Board Meeting 
   Sun, Mar 6th @ TBA, 12noon 

Week #4 Statistics are now posted ... !


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  • Sign-up for Board Nominations are Now Closed - 


Sign-up for the nominations for Vice President, Secretary and Statistician are now closed. The players confirmed as nominees are:

Vice President—Jorge Calvo (EGL-2), Donny Green (PEC-4) and Kevin Hewitt (TRU-2)
Statistician—Gordon Byom (EGL-2) and Randy Herrig (JTS-1).
Secretary—Ron Rinker.

Each candidate may submit a short article (no more than 75 words) for the upcoming Table Talks. The article should be emailed to Ron Rinker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Deadlines for each week are Thursdays (2/18 or 2/25) for Week 6 or Week 7. Ballots will be distributed during Week 7 Match Play via a Team envelope. Players who play that evening will cast their vote on a ballot, then print and sign their name on the outside of the envelope. Players who may vote must be listed on the Week 6 Individual Rankings Statistics.

Four Captains (1 from each Division) will verify and count all Team Envelopes at the Captains Meeting on March 7, 2016 being held at The Locker Room. An all Captains’ vote will confirm the winners with the most votes. Good luck to all!

  • Score Sheet Blurs

Ever notice that if you are using ‘0’ and ‘1’ for both the Player’s side and Game’s columns, by the time half-time drinks are delivered, the score sheet looks more like a bad computer program? Then at the end of night if you aren’t in balance, your eyes crisscross darting back and forth trying to make sense of a virus teasing your mind with ‘where did that ‘1’ go?’ Well, try this. Use ‘W’ and ‘L’ on the Player’s side with ‘1’ and ‘0’ for the Game’s columns. If not in balance, flash down each set of 4 games in the Home column and verify against Home players. When the discrepancy is found, verify with the Visitor player to be sure the game result is recorded correctly. This might ease the blur of too many ‘0’ and ‘1’.


  • Captains Log - Week #5


For questions over Rules of Play during league night, please call Jorge Calvo (760) 717-9900.


  • Match Play - Sneak Peak - 


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Weekly Highlights

Week #4

Table Runs

CRI-1 Pauley Pace
LRM-2 Ernie Elliott
MVR-2 Joe Myers

4 & O's

LRM-2 Ernie Elliott
LRM-2 Jeramy Staton
MVR-2 Luis Abarca
LFT-2 Curtis Moore
PEC-4 David Archuleta
FLK-2 Kyle Matthews
HOL-1 Jon Stead
PEC-1 John Iuli
SRO-2 Brian Falcon
SRO-2 Russ Mortenson Boyd
FLK-1 Chris Hamlin
GIL-3 Kevin Servais
LRM-3 Christi Ross