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The Captains Meeting is Sunday, September 21st at Hungry Stick. Meeting Registration and Clemens Captains Classic Tournament signup opens at 1130am. The meeting will start promptly at 12pm followed by the XXXXVII Clemens Classic Captains Tournament. Captains or designated representatives are required at the Meeting. There is a $10 fine for any team without representation at the Meeting. The Clemens Classic Tournament starts immediately after the meeting. Only Captains or Co-Captains are eligible to play. The tournament is a random draw, single game and double elimination. Trophies are awarded to the top 3 winners. In addition, the ballots from our election will counted and the results for the office of President will be announced.

Election Night
If you have played in at least one game this season, please do your part tonight and VOTE. The write ups from each of our nominees for the position of President are included again in this week of Table Talk. Please take a moment to read about each of them. Captains be sure to ask the bartender on duty for these ballots. Votes are individually and not as a team. If you are unsure if you are eligible, check out the individual stats on the league website. Submit your ballot with your score sheet at Eagle tonight.


BILL DORMAN : As president my main job is ensure everything runs smoothly and to solve problems. I'm not comfortable bragging about the things I have accomplished, like forming new teams, finding new sponsors and finding players for existing team, so if I have helped you let others know. I have a great relationship with the current board and with all of us working together we will make the league continue to grow. Vote for current President Bill.

MIKE PASSANTE : Fellow members. I'm FULL time player. I live within 2 miles of most of our sponsors. I have solid connections to our LGBT community, retired with time to devote to our league and ONLY our league. I have IDEAS that will make our league stronger and more enjoyable and I am the ONLY candidate with a PROVEN track record of leadership and accomplishments spanning 4 decades! It's your choice? "AUTOMATIC PILOT" or "GAYLY" forward.

RON RINKER : I respect tradition and welcome the 21st century. I’m envious of ‘A’ players’ skills and enjoy the let’s-get-loose side of lower division playing. Pool Leagues– 8 years SD, 8 years LA holding positions of SD-Secretary, LA-Treasurer and LA-Statistician. Education – degree in management and leadership training. Work - 25 years Hotel management. Simply put - Board members selflessly volunteer time and efforts. I appreciate the opportunity to be theirs and your President. Thank you, Ron Rinker.

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Weekly Highlights

Week #6

Table Runs

MER-1 Luis Abarca

4 & O's

ALI-3 Jeff Brayshaw
EGL-2 Ashi Fachler
MER-1 Luis Abarca
MER-1 Stevan Bailey
EGL-1 Jeremiah O'Mahony
LFT-2 Louis Sintasath
KEL-2 Tim Schultz
SRO-2 Russ Mortenson Boyd
FLK-1 Shannon Kalbus