-  The Second Round Playoff results is now posted!  Women's Open Individuals is this Sunday!


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  • First Round Playoff Results - 

Wow! We had 3 upsets last night. Here are the results:

 ALI-1 vs. MER-3 2 : 9 MER-3 wins.
 KEL-2 vs. FLK-2 4 : 9 FLK-2 wins.
 ONE-1 vs. KEL-1 7 : 9 KEL-1 wins.
 HUN-1 vs. LFT-1 9 : 2 HUN-1 wins.

Congratulations to the winners. The next round of playoffs will be on Monday, November 24th. Good luck to all who are playing. The new playoff bracket is now posted on the Statistics page.



The cost to participate in the tournaments for WCC is $10. This increase was passed Fall 2013 and in effective for Spring 2014.

The dates for these tournaments are as follows:

Sunday, November 23rd : Rising Star : Registration at 11am & Play at 12pm
Sunday, November 30th : Women’s Open : Registration at 11am & Play at 12pm
Sunday, December 7th : Open’s Individuals : Times for Registration and Play are being verified
Sunday, December 14th : Tops & Bottoms : Registration at 11am & Play at 12pm

All tournaments will be held at Hungry Stick.

  • End of the Season - 

Trophies are given to the top 3 teams of each divisions as well as to the top 3 individuals of each division. Certificates are awarded to the top Table Runs and 4&0s in each divisions and for any players competing in all matches for the season. After divisional play, we will start team playoffs and tournaments for competing at the West Coast Challenge. For team playoffs, only players with 25% or more games played are allowed to play. The first week of playoffs, November 17th will feature the top 4 teams in the C and D Division with the C teams being home. The seeding for the matches are C1 vs D4, C2 vs D3, C3 vs D2 and C4 vs D1. The second week of playoffs, November 24th will feature the top 4 teams in the B Division playing the winners in week one with the B teams being home. The third week of playoffs, December 1st will feature the top 4 teams in the A Division playing the winners in week two with the A teams being home. The final 4 teams will play in a two week playoff , December 8th and 15th, to determine the 1st through 4th place League Team Winners. For WCC tournaments, only players with 50% or more games played can enter to play. Rising Star and Women’s Open have additional qualify parameters while Open Individuals and Top and Bottoms are open to all with 50% or more games played.

Please check the below links to see where you are at with the qualification status. 

25%  Qualification 

50%  Qualification

Rising Star Qualification 

  • Match Play - Sneak Peak - 

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Hip-Hip Hooray 4 U

Team Standing
A is MER-1 Hot Shotz
B is LFT-2 Get a Cue
C is HUN-1 Hungry Stick
D is KEL-1 Bimbollos

Top 20 Leader
A is Stevan Bailey MER-1
B is Anthony Juarez LFT-2
C is Tim Schultz KEL-2
D is Ben Nord KEL-1

Table Run
TRU-2 Mike Romano
HUN-1 Oscar Castro
KEL-2 Tim Schultz
SRO-2 Brian Falcon
SRO-2 Russ Mortenson Boyd

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