Week #7 Statistics are now posted ... !


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  • NO PLAY! -

There will be no play on Monday, August 31st due to Captains Meeting as well as no play on Monday, September 7th due to Labor Day. Sounds like two great nights to get the team together for a practice. Just remember that captain or a designated individual from the team MUST attend the Captains Meeting on the 31st.

  • Captains Meeting -

The Locker Room is located at 5610 Kearny Mess Road, next door to San Diego Harley Davidson with entrance in the back. Take the 163 and exit Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Registration is 6pm with meeting starting at 630pm so PLEASE don’t be late. Don’t worry about dinner. The Locker Room offers food and beverages. See you there.

Captains Meeting Rule 5.3 -  The Mandatory Captains Meeting is Monday, August 31st. As stated in Rule 5.3 Without exception, attendance is mandatory for each team captain or their designated representative. Only team captains or their designated representative are eligible to vote. All business affecting SDPL Bylaws, Match Policy, Rules and elections are voted upon at these meetings. Meetings are open to all members of the SDPL and notice of such meetings shall be made available at the start of each season.

  • SDPL Hall of Fame-

It is only appropriate that on our 75th season we honor some of the members, past and present, by awarding the SDPL Hall of Fame Award. The board is looking for volunteers to help form the SDPL Hall of Fame committee. So please contact Bill Dorman and/or Ann Camonayan to let us know that you are interested. Help us select those that are worthy of such a great honor. You can let them know via Facebook or better yet use your score sheet to let us know. Thank you in advance.

  • Missing Fees -

Help! We need some help from the following teams to collect some outstanding sponsor and teams fees. We need the sponsor fee from PECS for all 4 teams, PEC-1, PEC-2, PEC-3 and PEC-4. We need the team fee from all 4 PECS teams, PEC-1, PEC-2, PEC-3 and PEC -4 as well as team fee from TRU-2 and DOG-2. Please submit your fees this Monday. Thank you.


  • Match Play - Sneak Peak - 

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Weekly Highlights

Week #7

Table Runs

EGL-1 Dean Manor
PEC-2 Jeff White
TRU-1 Chuck Daniels

4 & O's

ALI-2 Lee Thomas
LFT-2 Curtis Moore
PEC-4 Donny Green
PEC-4 Eric Olsen
TRU-2 David Arts
ALI-1 Horace Finks
ALI-1 Michael Gallardo
GIL-1 Tim Schultz
ALI-3 Tim Potter