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  • Thanks for the Memories - 

On Sunday, August 31st starting at 11am, Kelly’s Pub, 2222 San Diego Ave will be throwing a party before they close their doors. So if you are in town Labor Day weekend, stop by to simply say THANK YOU FOR BEING A SPONSOR FOR THE SAN DIEGO POOL LEAGUE! 


  • Board Meeting : August 23rd - 

It’s not too late to attend the board meeting. Got nothing to do Saturday, August 23rd at 530pm and want to know what happens when the board gets together? Then let us know and we will provide you the address to our meeting location. Can’t make this one? Don’t worry, the next one is September 20th just a day before the fabulous Captains Meeting.

  • Good News...Bad News - 

The good news is we are just one sponsor away from collecting all fees for our Fall 2014 Season. The bad news is that we lost a long time sponsor right in the middle of our season, Kelly’s Pub. Currently Kelly’s Pub is the home bar for 4 teams., 2 in the A Division, 1 in C Division and 1 in the D Division. The Board is working with the teams to find a new location for them to finish their season with. Please watch for emails and FaceBook postings on the new location for each team..

  • Board Member Election - 

It’s official. We will have a elections for the position of President as 3 individuals have accepted the nomination. These individuals are Bill Dorman, Mike Passante and Ron Rinker. We will not have election for treasurer and community relations as there is only one person running for each—Norma Posey for Treasurer and Ann Camonayan for Community Relations. So if you are wondering what happens next, well here is the low down….Week 6 Table Talk will contain the 75 words or less from each nominee regarding their qualifications and/or reasons for seeking the position. On 9/15, ballots will be distributed to all bars hosting a match. Those teams with a bye will be given direction on where they can vote. All team members PRESENT and that have played at least 1 game prior to week 7 can cast a vote for one person. Members voting will sign the sealed envelope and the home team will take both envelopes when they submit the score sheet for the evening. Ballot envelopes will remained sealed until the Captains Meeting when they will be open and tabulated by 4 non board member representing each division. The candidate with a majority of votes will be elected and start serving at the Spring 2015 season. Ties shall be broken by a vote of the team captains.

  • Labor Day : No Scheduled Games - 

Just a reminder that there are no games scheduled for Monday, September 1st. Perfect chance for teams to get together to practice or just hang out and enjoy each other’s company :) Have a safe holiday

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Weekly Highlights

Week #4

Table Runs

ALI-3 Kim Walker
2x MER-1 Stevan Bailey

4 & O's


ALI-2 Jeffrey Dunford
ALI-2 Peter Steadham
KEL-3 Ranny Heltera
TRU-1 David Archuleta
KEL-2 Chris Miley
MER-3 Randy Herrig