Week #2 Statistics are now posted ... !


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  • Update on Rules -

Please know that not all of the rules that were passed at the last captain meeting were included on the recent rules provided week 1 or uploaded to the website. The board is aware of this and taking the necessary steps to update this before the first rules meeting this Sunday. Thank you to all that have brought this to our attention.



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Weekly Highlights

Week #2

Table Runs

x2 GIL-2 Kim Walker
LFT-2 Brian Ruszklewicz
PEC-4 Donny Green

4 & O's

ALI-2 Lee Thomas
GIL-2 Kim Walker
GIL-1 Jon Stead
GIL-1 Tim Schultz
JTS-1 Joe Driscoll
TRU-1 John Chevis
ALI-3 Patrick O'Connor
DOG-1 Sam Aguilar
LFT-1 Devon Collins
ONE-2 Josh Muholland