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  • Get to Know Our Sponsors... - 

New to Table Talk this season is Get to Know Our Sponsors and that is exactly what we are going to do. While the league may have 15 sponsors not everyone will have a chance to visit them so each week we will feature two of them and provide you a little information about them and perhaps something you didn’t know.


  • Spring 2015 : Sponsor and Team Fees - 

Reminder that all fees are due were due Week 1. Rather than list all the teams & sponsors who fees are outstanding, here is the list of those that have paid : MVR-2 (sponsor & team), RDW-1 (team), EGL-1 (team), MRV- 3 (sponsor & team), TRU-1 (team), ONE-1 (team), SRO-2 (team) and TRU-2 (team). Captains, please remember that it is your responsibility to collect this..

  • Match Play - Sneak Peak - 

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Weekly Highlights

Week #1

Table Runs

MVR-2 Ben Pham

4 & O's

ALI-2 Peter Steadham
MVR-2 Jeramy Staton
MVR-2 Joe Myers
RDW-1 Will Broughton
MER-2 Raul Martinez
PEC-1 Dan Jackson
ONE-1 Bobby Butler
LFT-1 Lee Landau Harrison