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    -  SAVE THE DATE:   Fall 2014 Banquet is January 5, 2015

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The cost to participate in the tournaments for WCC is $10 not $5 as previously stated in Table Talk. I apologize for this mistake. This increase was passed Fall 2013 and in effective for Spring 2014. The dates for these tournaments are as follows:

           Sunday, November 23rd : Rising Star
           Registration at 11am & Play at 12pm

          Sunday, November 30th : Women’s Open
          Registration at 11am & Play at 12pm

          Sunday, December 7th : Open’s Individuals
          Times for Registration and Play are being verified

          Sunday, December 14th : Tops & Bottoms
          Registration at 11am & Play at 12pm

All tournaments will be held at Hungry Stick.


To participate in the playoffs (and the WCC team event) and for free entrance to the banquet one needs to have played 25% of the total possible games. In order to participate in the tournaments (and other WCC events) one needs to have played 50% of the total possible games. A and B divisions : Playoff and Banquet means 12 games and Tournaments means 24 games. C and D divisions : Playoff and Banquet means 15 games and Tournaments means 30 games.


It’s never too early to start learning what it takes to become a referee for the league. Referees are needed for our playoffs which begins November 17th and of course West Coast Challenge which is January 9-11 in San Francisco. So if you find yourself not playing on a Monday and want to learn what it takes to be referee contact Jorge Calvo at 760-717-9900. Just send him a text letting him know who you are and that you are ready to become a referee.

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Team Standing
A is MER-1 Hot Shotz
B is LFT-2 Get a Cue
C is KEL-2 I’ll Play for Any Team
HUN-1 Hungry Stick
D is FLK-2 5 guys & a baby KEL-1

Top 20 Leader
A is Stevan Bailey MER-1
B is Kevin Hewitt TRU-2
C is Tim Schultz KEL-2
D is Ben Nord KEL-1

Table Run
Stevan Bailey MER-1

Kim Walker ALI-3
Ashi Fachler EGL-2
Nicholas Moore HUN-1

and we really mean it :)

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