-  Week #11 Stats are now posted ... ! 
    -  SAVE THE DATE:   Fall 2014 Banquet is January 5, 2015

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  • Event Qualification -  

  • 50% to Qualify for WCC Tournaments:  A reminder to all players that in order to qualify for the four WCC Tournaments you need to play at least 50% of match games this season. Make sure you check your individual statistics and on your way to meet this requirement.

  • Rising Star, Women’s Open, Open Individuals and Tops and Bottoms all have a $5 entry fee for the season.

Here is the recap of dates and times for each tournament.

     Sunday, November 23rd : Rising Star Sunday
                   November 30th : Women’s Open Sunday
                     December 7th : Open’s Individuals Sunday
                    December 14th : Tops & Bottoms
     All tournaments will be held at Hungry Stick

  • 25% to Attend for Banquet :  A reminder to all players that in order to attend the banquet without cost for the buffet dinner you must have played at least 25% of match games this season. Mark your calendar now for January 5, 2015 so you don’t miss out on this great evening which includes our, awards presentation along with a raffle.

  • 25% to participant in Playoffs :  A reminder to all players that in order to qualify for playoffs, you need to play at 25% of match games this season.



It’s never too early to start learning what it takes to become a referee for the league. Referees are needed for our playoffs which begins November 17th and of course West Coast Challenge which is January 9-11 in San Francisco. So if you find yourself not playing on a Monday and want to learn what it takes to be referee contact Jorge Calvo at 760-717-9900. Just send him a text letting him know who you are and that you are ready to become a referee.

  • Match Play - Sneak Peak - 

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Team Standing
A is MER-1 Hot Shotz
B is LFT-2 Get a Cue
C is KEL-2 I’ll Play for Any Team
D is FLK-2 5 guys & a baby

Top 20 Leader
A is Joe Myers MER-1
B is Anthony Juarez LFT-2
C is Tim Schultz KEL-2
D is Brian Kearns FLK-1

Table Run
Ben Pham MER-1

Allan Badillo ALI-2
Ben Pham MER-1
Ernie Elliott MER-1
Joe Myers MER-1
Michael Loyer RDW-1
David Dedolph EGL-1
Anthony Juarez LFT-2
Donny Green PEC-4
David Laguana KEL-2
Neil Linder KEL-2
Lisa Schiff FLK-1
Ben Nord KEL-1

and we really mean it :)

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